Sprayers with unmatched confort, performance and durability

Dual-Liquid Sprayers

The Original

Metered Trigger Sprayer System

The Deardorff Fitzsimmons DLS Sprayer line is currently the only dual-liquid trigger sprayer on the market. Meeting a wide range of applications, its fixed-ratio and variable-ratio systems utilize twin bottles.

About Us

We are Deardorff Fitzsimmons
A company dedicated to good ideas that make everyday living better for everyone. The innovative Dual-Liquid-Sprayer meets the needs of wholesale manufacturers and distributors as well as retail consumers.



Precycling that transforms plastics waste reduction from the visionary into the practical. Precycling shares the same vision as recycling, but as its name suggests, it aims to accomplish that vision by circumventing the bulk of the recycling process.

Sprayers with unmatched confort, performance and durability
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